More vivid, more realistic

We are proud to introduce our brand new Red and Blue Laser Technology.

The EK-810 and EK-620 series achieve high color reproduction and extremely high contrast using a Laser Light source. These models feature a sealed optical engine design offering complete protection against dust, Laser Light source with 20 000 hours life, and no need for filters. That means less maintenance, lower noise and a lower running cost. With 7 optional lenses available, these new series are ideal for a wide variety of applications such as digital signage, auditoriums, large conference rooms, museums, etc.

High contrast

Laser diode achieves high contrast ratio of 100 000:1. Extreme Black mode provides total blackout and it creates more black at darker scenes.

Optical architecture of laser light source

Producing green color by Blue Laser Diode through a Phosphor wheel generates more vivid colors. The EK-810 series achieves even more realistic red color by using a Red Laser Diode in addition to the Blue Laser Diode.

High color reproduction

The EK-620 series with Blue Laser diode covers 113%, and the EK-810 series with Blue and Red Laser diode covers 116% of the color space for the Rec.709 (HDTV primary color space). It is due to this unique feature that original colors are highly reproduced on screen.

Projectors featuring ReBL laser technology are: EK-810U/811W and EK-620U/621W