Stationary screen with aluminium profile tension-frame and a connection technique not visible to the viewer.

  • Aluminium frame, cross section of the profile 5 cm width and 3 cm depth, black varnished.
  • The profile depth of 3 cm reduces influence of the ambient light, and the perceptibility of the projected picture will be increased.
  • Light aluminium construction.
  • The frame system consists of separate aluminium segments, which are joined by means of connectors and are secured by screws.
  • Tensioning of the screen surface by press studs on the reverse of the frame, that means the tension system is not visible to the viewer.
  • The counterparts in the profile for the press studs at the screen surface are fix positioned on the frame.
  • Perfect flatness of the screen surface.
  • Customized sizes, special colour of frame, different types of screens surfaces on request.